Expungement is the removal of criminal arrest information from public view.

MyPaExpungement LogoNow that your case is over, you should know that the dismissal or withdraw of charges DOES NOT REMOVE the actual record from the databases/files of the Police Department, State Police, FBI or Court Dockets. The record of your arrest could remain within these agencies files and databases forever unless removed by Court order. Such records are, therefore, available for public view. Pennsylvania law allows for the expungement of certain charges and dispositions. I have extensive experience in the Pennsylvania expungement process.

Services offered:

  • Statewide Service. I value your time and make things as simple as possible for you. All the information needed for expungement can be obtained through phone or email correspondence.
  • Record Evaluation Services. I evaluate the most commonly reviewed documents including your driver’s license history, state police criminal record, local police department records, county prosecutor records and the repository with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Personalized Expungement and Redaction Services. There are several legal options available to you to potentially clear your record partially or completely.
  • Pardons. If you have been convicted of a crime, you may apply to the Board of Pardons to have your conviction expunged or your sentence commuted.

Reasons to have your record expunged:

  • The Pride of having a clean criminal record.
  • Protection of Professional and Occupational licensure.
  • Clean background checks, such as those commonly conducted by current and potential employers, banks when applying for a loan, schools or during applications for school loans.
  • Protection from higher bail or other harsher treatment if you are arrested in the future.

I work as an advocate on behalf of those in need of policy change regarding expungement law. I am a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, and a member of the Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County Bar Associations as well as the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Experience matters, and you deserve an attorney who will fight for you.

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