State Criminal Offenses

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Clients Throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Every case is unique and requires a dedicated attorney that is creative and has a comprehensive skill set. Joseph Schultz fights everyday for people who have been accused of crimes. Mr. Schultz has consistently won impressive results for his clients in a wide range of criminal cases.

Experience Counts.

Joseph Schultz is a former Philadelphia County Prosecutor. In the past eight years, he has tried over 300 cases. Mr. Schultz understands every aspect of the criminal justice system from misdemeanor offenses to Capital Murder. He knows what it takes to succeed for his clients. Above all else, the Law Office of Joseph T. Schultz stands for honesty and integrity.

Adding Value to your Case.

Clients need an attorney who works with them and keeps them informed about their case. Mr. Schultz regularly speaks with witnesses, visits crime scenes and consults with various experts about cases. Attention to detail is what puts him ahead of the others. He will challenge the evidence in every case where others might not. This gives his clients the best chance at success.

You need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible if you have been arrested or are being investigated. Call our office at 215-564-2907 or contact us by email to discuss your situation.

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